GUACHI: my handmade vegan shoes brand

I am so exiting writing this post on the blog. After more than two years showing other brands and having trained in handcrafted footwear, I am ready to show you my own project: Guachi Shoes.

My name is Ángela Sánchez, creator, designer and artisan behind GUACHI shoes, vegan shoes full of color and handmade with love in Seville, Spain.

Guachi is an expression of joy!

I like sustainable fashion so I try to use materials that are so, like the recycled tires soles.












My website is under construction but you can follow me on Instagram @guachishoes and on my Facebook page @guachishoes to stay up to date with all the news and promotions. For more information or orders do not hesitate to write me a PM in these social networks or send me an email to:

I would very much like to hear your opinion. What model do you like the most? What do you value most when buying shoes? What do you think of recycled tire soles?

Thank you very much for following me and if you like my work, share it to be able to reach more people.

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Cocoono bags: minimalist vegan bags

This is Cocoono bags, a vegan bags brand created by Honorata and Michal in Poland that has the Vegan Approved label of PETA. In general they are practical, I am very impressed by their large cloth bags, ideal for good weather and summer trips. They define their style as simple, based on nature, following the minimalist trend.


Nodo bag by Cocoono


Pacco bag by Cocoono


Boogi bag by Cocoono

bolso_vegano_ cocoono_guachiland

Lazy bag by Cocoono


Shopper bag by Cocoono

You can visit their online store by clicking here, or if you prefer their Etsy store. If you like their designs you should follow them on: Cocoono’s Facebook, Cocoono’s Instagram where they usually post special deals.

Did you know this brand? If you bought a vegan bag this season, please tell us!

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My vegan sneakers

This post is very special for me. I already showed you the first vegan boots I made in England, this time I bring you my first animal free sneakers, with photos of the process step by step. This summer I decided that it was time to really learn how to make shoes and I went to Barcelona where I learned a lot from the artisan Christian Romero, an artisan who really loves his way of life.

I really liked the design process and choosing the fabrics, it is a process that requires time and creativity. When we have thought and outlined our design it is time to start making it real. The first thing we have to do is taping the last, marking the meetings and the height of the heel, and drawing a some basic lines.


We copy thid on double kraft paper, adapting it and adding margins, creating a kind of glove that fits perfectly to the last. We adjust this cover and develop our own design taking into account certain points on which we work.


Once we have our design ready we will adapt it to a flat pattern and we will work on the different parts of the shoe separately as if it were a puzzle in which all the pieces must fit.


We are cutting the fabrics, reinforcements and lining according to the patterns and preparing them for the next step. We have to sew the parts with a lot of care so that we have a uniform stitching that outlines the margins well.


Sewing the uppers of the sneakers

Assemblig the shoe is quite complex, you have to be patient and work with care to get a good result.

We put the insole on the last and we go assembling the cut, stretching it in several steps, nailing nails in the contour of the sole and sticking it in parts.

Once we have it ready, we fill the center of the sole with cork to make it flat.


Assemblig the sneakers


The sole is also made manually by sanding a series of layers until reaching the desired shape.



Finally we left the shoes in their lasts for about three days to settle well.



Here you have the final result, this is a simplified summary but I hope it helps you to understand better the complex process behind the handmade footwear, many hours of work and dedication to create something unique made with love.


Happy with my handmade sneakers


My vegan handmade sneakers

What do you think? Do you like this sneakers style?


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Beautiful Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is coming! I want to help you in your shopping with these beautiful and animal free presents for everybody: rucksack, guitar strap or natural cosmetics to start the new year in good mood.


Vegan bag by Dogo (Made in Turkey)


Vegan belt by NAE (Made in Portugal)



Vegan cosmetic set by Salvaje (Handmade in Spain)



Vegan camera strap by Couch (Handmade in USA)



Soothing water by Potions BCN (Handmade in Spain)



Vegan purse by Vivari (Made in Italy)



Vegan boot for woman by Beyond Skin (Made in Spain)



Vegan boots for man by Burgeois Boheme (Made in Portugal)



Vegan guitar strap by Couch (Handmade in USA)



Vegan rucksack by Dogo (Made in Turkey)

I hope you have lovely Christmas with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

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10 Vegan rucksack handmade Autumn 2017

Here we are again, I am sorry I couldn’t update the blog for a while but I am busy working on something that I will tell you soon… Today I bring vegan rucksacks that I know you will love, all of them handmade.


Vegan rucksack by Leafling (Handmade in Hungary)


Vegan rucksack by Dacel Shop (Handmade in Latvia)


Vegan rucksack by Maria Kent Studio (Handmade in Spain)


Vegan rucksack by Aris Bag (Handmade in Hungary)


Vegan rucksack by Aris Bag (Handmade in Hungary)


Vegan rucksack by Marten Lab (Handmade in Italy)


Vegan rucksack by Velibardo (Handmade in Bulgaria)


Vegan rucksack by Eating The Goober (Handmade in Greece)


Vegan rucksack by PRR Design (Handmade in Lithuania)


Vegan rucksack by PRR Design (Handmade in Lithuania)

I like the autumn colors of the leaves in Aris Bag, but what can I say about the lovely animals in PRR Design rucksacks? They are adorable, aren’t they?

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NUNOYA, beautiful japanese fabrics

This is a blog about beautiful things so have to share with you my shopping experience in Nunoya, specialized in fabrics made in Japan. Their physical store is located in Barcelona (Calle Trafalgar 14, 08010), however they have online shop and sell to Europe, click here. I was lucky to visit their lovely store in Barcelona and I enjoyed it, they have a wide range of fabrics and small pieces for patchwork or anything else that you can imagine.

I chose these, combining several styles, with some and I know what I want to do, with others I have no idea but I could not resist to buy them.








Everything I bought for about 30 euros. What do you think? Do you like Japanese fabrics?

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Vegan sandals by Mireia Playà Summer Sales


Vegan sandals Alison by Mireia Playà

The vegan shoes brand Mireia Playà has some pretty cool designs and a good variety of sandals for this summer and also now with up to 20% discount. If you click on link under the images it will open a new tab to their website.

Its platforms are ideal for summer walks. Also has flat models and others with wide square heel, creating a youthful but comfortable shoe. Many of their sandals have animal print, although for me the black sandals of the first image are the best.


Vegan sandals Aitana by Mireia Playà


Vegan sandals Bruna by  Mireia Playà


Vegan sandals Angelica by Mireia Playà


Vegan sandals Blake by Mireia Playà


Vegan sandals Andrea by Mireia Playà


Did you know this brand? What sandals are you using this Summer?

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Cruelty free Summer


Summer is here! If you are lucky this is your time for a little break. I want to help you with the list of things you need to take for your perfect holidays, all suitable for vegans. Hope this can help you!

As always, if you are interested in any product click on the link of the brand to go to their website.


Backpack made with recycled tire rubber, handmade in Nottingham (England) by Paguro.


Small bag made by Susie Faulks in Stroud (England).


Beach bag handmade by Create and Case in London (England).


Sun protection 30 FPS of pomegranate and Goji berries by Eco Cosmetics (Made in Germany), you can buy them through the website Idun Nature.


Shampoo for dry or sun damaged hair made with aloe vera and cocoa butter by Potions (Made in Barcelona, ​​Spain).


Sandstone soap with citrus scent and exfoliating, ideal for summer, by Lush.


Nail paint free from DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin by Spa Rituals (Made in Los Angeles, USA).


Bamboo sandals for men and women by Vesica Piscis (Made in Elche, Spain).

What would you add to this list of essentials? Do you recommend another brands?

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5 vegan unisex sandals Summer 2017

As you know there are always less models of shoes for men than for women, in fact you have left me some comment about it, so with this entry of unisex vegan sandals I hope you all will be happy 🙂


Vegan sandals Open Strap by Vegetarian shoes


Vegan sandals The Caribbean Space by Flamingo’s Life


Vegan sandals Alec by Good Guys


Vegan sandals The Caribbean Burgundy by Flamingo’s Life


Vegan sandal Darco by NAE

I like the design of the Flamingo`s life white sandals with colors.  But if you are looking for something more natural I recommend the NAE sandals that are made with Piñatex (fiber pineapple) and cork.



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Bella Storia, vegan shoes designed in London and handmade in Italy


Lucas shoes for men by Bella Storia Vegan

I have discovered a new brand of vegan shoes that I was looking forward to share with you, this is Bella Storia Vegan, their shoes are designed in London and made in Italy by artisans from Tuscany. To make them they use environmentally friendly materials such as eco-friendly microfiber, hemp, cork or recycled plastic bottles.


Lucas shoes for men by Bella Storia Vegan

They have a single model for men but in different colours and a very original special version made with recycled Hawaiian shirts that you can see in the first picture.


Ginevra sandals by Bella Storia Vegan


Amanda sandals by Bella Storia Vegan


Sofia sandals by Bella Storia Vegan


Paris sandals by Bella Storia Vegan

As for models for women we find a variety of interesting sandals, such as this with fringes that I love, and other types of shoes from heels to sneakers so I suggest you to visit their website to know them.



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